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Crucibles of Power book 2- first chapter

The Island nation of Athlan, once ruled by the legendary Council of Four, the Priest, the Warrior, the Poet and the Scientor, each marked with symbols etched into their skin by forces unknown, continues to self-destruct on a physical plane, as well as a moral one. Of the Four, only the Warrior, Kon-r Sighur, has survived and Athlanean society is tearing itself apart, as certain death stalks all of them. 

Crucibles of Power book 2- first chapter2021-07-15T19:55:24+00:00

Yasgur’s Field

Surrounded by hundreds of thousands Strangers I become microscopic Sitting

Yasgur’s Field2020-03-31T22:36:15+00:00

Tough Day Ends

On this day                                                        I need to Grip the sun With

Tough Day Ends2020-03-31T22:34:07+00:00

Superior Heroes

The news Filtered down From Minneapolis   Across the lakes

Superior Heroes2020-03-31T22:33:27+00:00

Selective Memory

What should I tell you?                             About molten steel Industrial lava

Selective Memory2020-03-31T22:32:50+00:00

Loading Boxcars

Mid-western wheat hissed Through stainless steel funnels Flowing from concrete

Loading Boxcars2020-03-31T22:32:12+00:00


I learned to throw the curveball from my father. Not


Hit and Run

Standing outside of the Church Windy and cold, you approach

Hit and Run2020-03-31T22:29:23+00:00


Ray McMahon got cut in half By inch thick braided

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