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The Threat of Angeals Book 1:

Crucibles of Power

A New Novel by C. T. Fitzgerald

The world is young, dark, and rough. The bright light of civilization illuminates the highly advanced Island Nation of Athlan, a country of order, balance, and progress. However, the world is changing, and what is solid becomes fractured. Amidst this epic era of devolution, the never-ending cosmic battle for control of earth has centered on Athlan.

The Threat of Angeals Book 2:

Powers Revealed

A New Novel by C. T. Fitzgerald

While celestial forces gather, wielding power unimagined, the Marfach Gardai, human defenders of Athlan, ready themselves for the final conflict with the lethal, mindless Armies of the Night. Athlanians, great and small, men and women, will die in bloody droves, incapable of understanding or escaping their fate as Great Athlan destroys itself.

The Threat of Angeals Book 3:

Power Lost, Power Found

A New Novel by C. T. Fitzgerald

 Witnessing the battle for her planet, Mother Earth joins the fray with a small but extremely potent cadre of once-women who defend the earth with their lives. In the end, everyone becomes a pawn on the empyrean board of life and death and the game is in doubt.

An Advanced Review of Powers Revealed

Powers Revealed

C. T. Fitzgerald

Powers Revealed is the second book in a series, provides an introduction of the story’s main players, which helps newcomers absorb the setting, in the opening preface, and cements the action with a mission by ship captain Torvyn Lok to learn what is happening to his country.

His decision to sneak into a small fishing village with a few men to gain information leads them straight into danger on the island nation of Athlan, which is in the throes of tearing itself apart. Stellar Angeals Cath and Dorchada, power brokers for the Celestial Travelers, have unleashed their forces to stir the pot of rebellion and battle.

What has Athlan come to? Lok wonders about the source of its struggles as he faces giants with strange powers and comes to acknowledge that Athlan’s strength in the face of them may fall far short of anything that could bring success. Sith-ast, one of the Mighty Twelve, servant of the Bas Croi, Soldier of Darkness, seems to be invincible, and the microcosm of the island’s conflict portends a broader battle in which the struggle for Earth seems doomed.

As Lok faces dire circumstances and the impact of his decisions, the battle appears to be heavily weighed in favor of the forces of darkness: “He had witnessed useless death, random death, almost whimsical death and he knew with absolute certainty that goodness had nothing to do with it. His plan had been a disaster. Dedicated men, friends, were killed, no real information gained, and KT’s life was in jeopardy. What should he do?”

C. T. Fitzgerald takes the classic good-versus-evil confrontation and gives it a satisfying twist. Epic fantasy readers who appreciate vivid battle scenes juxtaposed with thought-provoking considerations of how good intentions can win over evil forces will relish the action and insights featured in Powers Revealed.

Fitzgerald excels in depicting a range of characters affected by the battle for the planet and the dilemmas faced not just by those who oppose these devastating forces, but those who operate under the Angael’s direction: “Too much is withheld from us. We fight and die but you pull the strings. There are rules, you say, but we don’t know them. Our enemy is led by someone just like you. The Bas Croi and his men are just like us. We are placed on a board not of our choosing and you say to play, fight, win, lose—it is all up to you. If it was up to us, we may decide not to play at all, as I chose not to play when tested, but we must play or die, because this is the game you have created and we can not escape.”

The result is an especially delightful conflict strengthened by the questions presented on both sides as events unfold, blurring the line between good and evil with a gray area that keeps readers involved and guessing about outcomes and motivations.

Powers Revealed is an epic fantasy especially recommended for prior readers of the first book in the series, as well as those who like battle scenes marked by massive struggles between humans and non-human opponents who all become caught up in the machinery of war.

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★★★★★ Thrilling fantasy adventure

An epic fantasy full of heroism and world-shaking battles.

★★★★★ Can’t wait for book 2!

The beginning of one of the most compelling new fantasy book series. Fitzgerald crafts complex and compelling characters in a sweeping universe full of magic and destiny. Any David Eddings or J.R.R. Tolkien fan will love Crucibles of Power.

About C. T. Fitzgerald

C.T. Fitzgerald was born in South Buffalo, New York. While attending Canisius High School, Canisius College (B.A.), and Canisius Graduate School (M.A.), he also worked as a union card-carrying longshoreman (Local 1286) in the grain elevators of Buffalo, in the blast furnaces of Bethlehem Steel, as a bartender where his father and grandfather tended bar before him, and as a licensed teacher for the City of Buffalo. He attended Kent State for his Ph.D. in Literature (2004), and he has been married to Kathleen for 45 years. They are the parents of Ryan, Craig, and Tim and the happy grandparents (“Pops” and “Nana”) of Lachlyn, Shea, and Emilia.

Dr. Fitzgerald is weak in religious faith, but strong in the hope that we go to a far better place when the ballgame is over. Being a philosophical Cretan, Dr. Fitz’s religious beliefs have been simply stated in the past: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If humanity actually followed this easily understood rule, the world would be a much better place.

“The Gods are Reflections of Our Souls.”

― Cas Amrhan, Poet of Athlan

“The Gods are Reflections of Our Souls”

—Cas Amrhan, Poet of Athlan

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Crucibles of Power book 2- first chapter

July 15th, 2021|

The Island nation of Athlan, once ruled by the legendary Council of Four, the Priest, the Warrior, the Poet and the Scientor, each marked with symbols etched into their skin by forces unknown, continues to self-destruct on a physical plane, as well as a moral one. Of the Four, only the Warrior, Kon-r Sighur, has survived and Athlanean society is tearing itself apart, as certain death stalks all of them. 

The First Chapter of Crucibles of Power

February 29th, 2020|

Preface “The Gods are Reflections of Our Souls” by Cas Amrhan, Poet of Athlan The world is young, rough, and dark. A bright light illuminates the islands of Athan, a place of order, balance, and enlightenment. However, the world changes, and what is solid becomes fractured. People, tribes, and nations

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