Surrounded by hundreds of thousands

Strangers I become microscopic

Sitting on a soggy, mud-splattered

Army green woolen blanket

Completely soaked in t-shirt and shorts

Sandals mud-sucked away long ago

A brown river of primordial mud

Flows an arms length away and

And young bodies sluice wetly into

Massed oblivion somewhere down the hill

Only to watch the smiling rebels

Trying to regain the top of the slope

A slapstick revolution from top to bottom

And then familiar blue eyes caked in mud

Find mine and giant white teeth flash a smile

I know well-years ago serving together

In red cassocks and white surplices

Perfectly ironed and ramrod straight

Worshippers of a different religion

He in only shorts says I lost my stuff

I say do you want some food

He says yes and a ride home and

We listen to the star-spangled banner