Sears Roebuck suit tight across your back

Blinking teary eyed like a goddamned girl

You watch as I cross the stage gowned in black,

Work boots hidden walking out of your world

                                One night you thrashed and screamed in pain

                                Confusion and fear- what’s wrong- what’s happening

                                To me- wh..wh..Why- waiting for answers that don’t

                                Come. Later- It’s a seizure damage may be serious-

Nervous chatter before the wedding

Our eyes connect- simple smiles of hope

Thick Mick necks in rented tuxedos

Sweating we charge ahead committed

                                Fully automatic, stainless steel machinery

                                Florida Power and Light supporting artificial life

                                Delaying natural death- the decision our dilemma

                                He’s in a coma and in God’s hands now

Work took us away from home, wanting things

Cash cars country house- playing the game

Growing together isolated self-dependent

The first grandson- we called-you came

                                 Knowing you-as I am- as you were

                                 The failed body had no hold on my heart

                                 Willingly I signed the forms again and again

                                 Killing the power- killing what was no longer you.