Dust blind and

Oxygen starved faces

Bandana wrapped

Flannel wrapped men

In dirty denim and

Scuffed leather

Shift grain making

Milk bones and cheerios

Seeing no difference

Shuffle low backs bent

Through concrete tunnels

Made for smaller men

From the past

Damp below river level

To shaking man-hoists

lifting us to the roof

Choking we gulp air

We feel warm sun

We see cool blue skies

We admire white waves breaking

On a beautiful lake

Creating Niagara’s fine silver plume

Red hulls down and

White sails singing

Past green river banks below

Through crusted eyes

And John Flynn of porcine eyes

And 20 years in the shit

Says to no one Fucking Beautiful

And I sixteen with a union card

Say yes it is

And he of the pig eyes and red face

Says you asshole what the fuck

Do you know about it?