Yasgur’s Field

Surrounded by hundreds of thousands Strangers I become microscopic Sitting

Yasgur’s Field2020-03-31T22:36:15+00:00

Tough Day Ends

On this day                                                        I need to Grip the sun With

Tough Day Ends2020-03-31T22:34:07+00:00

Superior Heroes

The news Filtered down From Minneapolis   Across the lakes

Superior Heroes2020-03-31T22:33:27+00:00

Selective Memory

What should I tell you?                             About molten steel Industrial lava

Selective Memory2020-03-31T22:32:50+00:00

Loading Boxcars

Mid-western wheat hissed Through stainless steel funnels Flowing from concrete

Loading Boxcars2020-03-31T22:32:12+00:00


I learned to throw the curveball from my father. Not


Hit and Run

Standing outside of the Church Windy and cold, you approach

Hit and Run2020-03-31T22:29:23+00:00


Ray McMahon got cut in half By inch thick braided



Sears Roebuck suit tight across your back Blinking teary eyed

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